Portable Photo Booth Rental With Attendant
Quakertown, PA
How to rent a photo booth and how do I reserve a photo booth for my next event?
We just need a $250 deposit and the event information. We will send you a form to fill out.
What size is the photo booth?
Just over 6 feet high, by 3 feet wide, by 7 feet in length. We can also do an "open air" booth!
Do I need to provide the table for the guests to make the guest book on?
Yes. A table from 4 to 8 feet is best. We are willing to bring a table for you for a $10 rental fee.
Where to rent a photo booth and how far will you travel?
We'll travel the distance, traveling charges apply when over 1 hour from Quakertown.
Does the photo booth rental come with an attendant, and if so, what do they do?
Every party booth rental comes with an attendant. They make sure your night goes on without a hitch. They also make sure that your guests have the maximum fun and your guest book is completed properly. This is an essential part of your event!
Can my photo booth rental have a break for dinnertime?
Certainly, there is a $30 per hour charge for idle time.
Does Big Laugh Photo Booth support charities and nonprofits?
We certainly do. We not only give great discounts, but we donate to charities a portion of our profits (roughly 5%)
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